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Winning Numbers

Daily3 Players Have Record Setting Day

The Number Combination of 222 Leads to Record Pay Out

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Lottery’s Daily3 players won big on Monday (April 4, 2016) when the numbers 2-2-2 were drawn. That number combination led to a total of 1,443 tickets sharing a record prize payout of $360,750 for the game.

The Daily3 drawing for Monday generated $27,532 in sales, thus the prize expense of $360,750 was 1,310.29% of sales. The total prize expense and the percentage of payout to sales are both all-time records for the game that was introduced in March of 1987.

The previous record high payout for the game was $344,750 for the numbers 1-2-3 that were drawn on January 13, 1996. The previous record for highest percentage payout to sales was 1,135 percent for the numbers 2-2-2 that led to a prize payout of $302,500 from the Feb. 27, 2013 drawing.

Daily3 tickets cost only $1 and can be purchased at West Virginia Lottery retail locations up until 6:49 p.m. each draw day. Drawings are conducted Monday through Saturday at 6:59 p.m. The top prize for matching all three numbers in exact order is $500.


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