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If Hot Lotto Jackpot is not Won it Will Carry Over into the first Lotto America Jackpot

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Since the Multi-State Lottery Association announced in August that the Hot Lotto® game will end in October. Since then the participating Lotteries have heard from a great deal of players wondering what will happen to the game’s jackpot if it isn’t won by the end of the game. The decision has been made by the participating lotteries, that the money in the Hot Lotto jackpot pool will roll forward into the new Lotto America game if the jackpot hasn’t been won by the time Hot Lotto ends on October 28.

Initial thoughts were that the money in the jackpot pool – would be returned to the states in the Hot Lotto game in proportion to the percentage of sales that had come from each state. And the money could then be used for prizes in future games and promotions. But a lot of players said they want the chance to keep playing for that money.

Therefore, the 14 states in the Hot Lotto game have voted for that very thing to occur. If the Hot Lotto jackpot isn’t won before the game ends, the money in the jackpot pool will carry forward into the new $1 Lotto America game that begins sales on Sunday, Nov. 12. The jackpot in Lotto America normally will start at $2 million and grow until someone wins it, but if the Hot Lotto jackpot money carries forward, the first jackpot in Lotto America on Wednesday, Nov. 15, will be $15 million annuity.

"We have received a lot of feedback from our players on this and we are listening," West Virginia Lottery Director Alan Larrick said. "Should the jackpot roll at the conclusion of the game, we will be starting off with an impressive $15 million jackpot in the Lotto America game. We would love to see one of our West Virginia players come away with that life-changing prize."


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