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Everything old is new again!  After 25 years, Lotto America® is making a comeback, but this is not the Lotto America® your parents played.  This is a new game designed for a new generation.  The one thing that time hasn't changed...the price to play.  We turned back the clock to 1988 so a new generation of players can purchase tickets, affordably priced, at $1 per play.  Starting November 12th, let's throw back to a newly-enhanced version of the original Lottery game that paved the way for Powerball® and BIG, rolling jackpots.

• Lotto America sales start:  Sunday, November 12, 2017

• First Lotto America drawing:  Wednesday, November 15, 2017

• Because no one won the final Hot Lotto jackpot, the first Lotto America jackpot will be $15 million

•New game matrix:  5/52 + 1/10

•Normally, the grand prize starts at $2 million; rolling jackpot

•Eight set cash prize levels

•$1 per play, $2 with Lotto America All Star Bonus® (multiplier option)

•Drawings: Wednesday and Saturday nights after 11pm EST in Tallahasse, Florida.  Drawings will not be televised.  The Lotto America® game will feature two draw machines.  The first machine will contain 52 balls; the second machine will contain 10 balls. Five balls will be drawn from the first machine, and one ball (know as the Lotto America Star Ball®), will be drawn from the second machine.

•Prizes are subject to Federal and State tax withholdings.

If you Match: Win*: Odds: With ALL STAR BONUS Win:
$20,000 1:2,887,733 Up to $100,000
$1,000 1:110,594 Up to $5,000
$100 1:12,288 Up to $500
$20 1:2,404 Up to $100
$5 1:267 Up to $25
$5 1:160 Up to $25
$2 1:29 Up to $10
$2 1:17 Up to $10

Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 9.63

*If ALL STAR BONUS option is played, prize(s) won increase 2 to 5 times depending on the ALL STAR BONUS number selected for that draw.  The Grand Prize is not eligible for the ALL STAR BONUS option.

Hot Lotto Prize Money Available to Win in New Lotto America Game

The initial advertised Grand Prize in Lotto America will be $15 million for the first drawing, since there was no Grand Prize winner in the final Hot Lotto drawing.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Players will have more chances and better odds of winning Hot Lotto prize money in the new $1 draw game – Lotto America℠.

The initial advertised Grand Prize in the Lotto America game will be $15 million for the first drawing, as the result of there being no Grand Prize winner in the final Hot Lotto® drawing. The regular starting amount of Lotto America Grand Prizes is $2 million.

Sales for the new $1 draw game begin on Sunday, Nov. 12. The first Lotto America drawing will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

The initial advertised $15 million Grand Prize in Lotto America is the annuity option – not the cash value option. The amount of the cash value option will be released on Friday, Nov. 10 due to fluctuating interest rates.

Any additional prize funds remaining from the retired Hot Lotto game will roll forward to the new Lotto America game to be awarded as prizes or be returned to participating lotteries to be awarded as prizes.

Players have a one in 9.63 chance of winning a prize in the new Lotto America game, compared to the overall odds of one in 17.22 in the retired Hot Lotto game.

The Lotto America Grand Prize will grow by a minimum of $50,000 per draw until it is won. After the first Grand Prize-winning ticket(s) is sold, the Lotto America Grand Prize will reset to the regular starting amount of $2 million.

The fourteen lotteries that participated in the multi-jurisdictional Hot Lotto game will offer the new Lotto America game: Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia. Note: New Hampshire will begin Lotto America sales in January 2018.

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