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The Limited Video Lottery Act



§29-22B-101.  Short title. 4

§29-22B-102.  Authorization for limited video lottery; regulation by lottery commission. 4

§29-22B-103.  Exceptions. 4

§29-22B-201.  Legislative finding; constitutional authority; limited video lottery is a lottery. 4

§29-22B-202.  Legislative finding; state ownership of video lottery through outright ownership or possession of a proprietary interest in computer hardware and software. 4

§29-22B-203.  Legislative finding; license to participate in limited video lottery is a privilege. 4

§29-22B-301.  Applicability of definitions. 4

§29-22B-302.  Applicant defined. 4

§29-22B-303.  Associated equipment defined. 5

§29-22B-304.  Background investigation defined. 5

§29-22B-305.  Central computer, central control computer or central site system defined. 5

§29-22B-306.  Commission or state lottery commission defined. 5

§29-22B-307.  Control defined. 5

§29-22B-308.  Director defined. 5

§29-22B-309.  Disable or terminal disable defined. 5

§29-22B-310.  Display defined. 5

§29-22B-311.  EPROM and erasable programmable read-only memory chips defined. 5

§29-22B-312.  Identification document defined. 5

§29-22B-313.  Indirect ownership defined. 5

§29-22B-314.  License defined. 5

§29-22B-315.  Location defined. 5

§29-22B-316.  Limited video lottery retailer defined. 5

§29-22B-317.  Lottery defined. 6

§29-22B-318.  Manufacturer defined. 6

§29-22B-319.  National criminal history background check system defined. 6

§29-22B-320.  Net terminal income and gross terminal income defined. 6

§29-22B-321.  Operator defined. 6

§29-22B-322.  Own defined. 6

§29-22B-323.  Permit defined. 6

§29-22B-324.  Permittee defined. 6

§29-22B-325.  Person defined. 6

§29-22B-326.  Player defined. 6

§29-22B-327.  Resident of this state defined. 6

§29-22B-328.  Restricted access adult-only facility defined. 6

§29-22B-329.  Service technician defined. 7

§29-22B-330.  Video lottery defined. 7

§29-22B-331.  Video gambling machine defined. 7

§29-22B-332.  Video lottery game defined. 7

§29-22B-333.  Video lottery terminal defined. 8

§29-22B-334.  Wager defined. 8

§29-22B-401.  General authority of state lottery commission and director; conflicts. 8

§29-22B-402.  Powers and duties of the state lottery commission. 8

§29-22B-403.  Powers and duties of the director. 9

§29-22B-404. Advertising by commission or director prohibited. 10

§29-22B-501.  Types of licenses issued for participation in limited video lottery activities. 10

§29-22B-502.  General qualifications for all types of limited video lottery licenses. 10

§29-22B-503.  Additional qualifications for an applicant for an operator’s license. 11

§29-22B-504.  Additional qualifications for an applicant for a limited video lottery retailer’s license. 11

§29-22B-505.  Additional qualification for an applicant for a service technician’s license. 12

§29-22B-506.  Additional qualifications for an applicant for a manufacturer’s license. 12

§29-22B-507.  Persons having control of an applicant for a limited video lottery license. 12

§29-22B-508.  Commission action on applications. 12

§29-22B-509.  Incomplete application not to be considered. 12

§29-22B-510.  Burden of proving qualification for license. 12

§29-22B-511.  Issuance of order refusing to issue or renew license, or suspending or revoking same. 12

§29-22B-512.  Review of continuing eligibility for license. 13

§29-22B-513.  Application forms and other documents. 13

§29-22B-514.  Failure to reveal material fact; false or misleading material. 13

§29-22B-515.  Bonding requirements for operators and limited video lottery retailers who are permittees. 13

§29-22B-516.  Applicant bears the risk of adverse publicity. 13

§29-22B- 517.  Renewal of licenses. 13

§29-22B- 518.  Annual license fees. 13

§29-22B-601. Establishment of procedures for background investigations. 13

§29-22B-602.  Responsibility of state police in conducting background investigations. 14

§29-22B-603.  Guidelines for background investigations. 14

§29-22B-604. Applicant’s rights regarding background investigations. 14

§29-22B-701.  General duties of all licensees. 14

§29-22B-702.  Additional duties of limited video lottery retailers. 15

§29-22B-703.  Additional duties of limited video lottery retailers who are permittees. 15

§29-22B-704.  Duties of limited video lottery retailer regarding payment of credits. 16

§29-22B-705.  Additional duties of manufacturers. 16

§29-22B-706.  Additional duties of operators. 16

§29-22B-707.  Additional duties of service technicians. 17

§29-22B-801.  Manufacturer seeking approval of terminal must be licensed; prohibition against placement of unapproved terminal. 17

§29-22B-802.  Testing of video lottery terminals and associated equipment. 17

§29-22B-803.  Reporting of testing results. 17

§29-22B-901.  Hardware specifications. 18

§29-22B-902.  Control of electrical power. 18

§29-22B-903.  Coin or bill acceptors. 18

§29-22B-904.  Security; access to the interior of video lottery terminals. 18

§29-22B-905.  Printing mechanism. 18

§29-22B-906.  Identification plate. 18

§29-22B-907.  Display of information on terminal face or screen. 18

§29-22B-908.  Communication with central computer system. 19

§29-22B-909.  Random number generator required. 19

§29-22B-910.  Payout standards. 19

§29-22B-911.  Continuation of current game after malfunction. 19

§29-22B-912.  Electronic accounting required. 19

§29-22B-1001.  Manufacturer must be licensed. 19

§29-22B-1002.  Manufacturers may sell or lease only to permittees. 20

§29-22B-1003.  Terminals must be approved. 20

§29-22B-1004.  Purchase or lease by permittees. 20

§29-22B-1101.  Limitation on number and location of video lottery terminals. 20

§29-22B-1102.  Permits to operate video lottery terminals; expiration date; annual fee to be paid by May 1st. 20

§29-22B-1103.  Permit fee. 20

§29-22B-1104.  Reservation of authority to have video lottery terminals on or before August 1, 2001. 20

§29-22B-1105.  Determination of authorizations to be issued without bid and number of authorizations to be bid. 21

§29-22B-1106.  Allocation of permits to own or lease video lottery terminals by sealed bid. 21

§29-22B-1107.  Bidding process. 21

§29-22B-1108.  Preference for current permit holders. 22

§29-22B-1109.  Bid bond required. 23