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Winning Numbers


Drawing results for
August 16, 2017

Jackpot $535 MILLION Powerplay = 3x
Date Prize Amount Name Game Retailer
08/07/2017 $50,000 Robert F. Powerball Co Mac #4
07/05/2017 $50,000 Clifford D. Powerball Belington Exxon
06/14/2017 $4,892 Edward B. Powerball Cargo Oil #1
06/14/2017 $7,142 Catrice R. Powerball Cargo Oil #1
06/14/2017 $7,142 Marsha B. Powerball Cargo Oil #1
06/14/2017 $7,142 Mary J. Powerball Cargo Oil #1
06/14/2017 $7,142 Jerrianne B. Powerball Cargo Oil #1
06/14/2017 $7,142 Ernest S. Powerball Cargo Oil #1
06/14/2017 $7,142 Alphonso A. Powerball Cargo Oil #1
06/09/2017 $50,000 David L. Powerball Make Your Day Cafe
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Game: Amount Won: Date: To:
Power Play Wins
Win: Jackpot*
Odds: 1:292,201,338
Power Play Wins: Grand Prize Only
Win: $1,000,000
Odds: 1:11,688,054
Power Play Wins: $2 Million
Win: $50,000
Odds: 1:913,130
Power Play Wins: Up to $500,000
Win: $100
Odds: 1:36,526
Power Play Wins: Up to $1,000
Win: $100
Odds: 1:14,495
Power Play Wins: Up to $1,000
Win: $7
Odds: 1:580
Power Play Wins: Up to $70
Win: $7
Odds: 1:702
Power Play Wins: Up to $70
Win: $4
Odds: 1:92
Power Play Wins: Up to $40
Win: $4
Odds: 1:39
Power Play Wins: Up to $40

***Updated 10/4/2015.  New Powerball Rules and Payouts for draw 10/7/2015***

Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 24.87.

POWER PLAY PAYS (PowerPlay option must be selected!)

If POWER PLAY option is played, prize(s) won increase, see chart above The Jackpot prize is not eligible for the POWER PLAY option and the Match 5 prize only DOUBLES.

* Jackpot winners of POWERBALL have 60 days from the day of claiming to decide upon cash payment or graduated annuity (30 payments over 29 years, with payments increasing a set percentage each year)

* The Jackpot can be won or shared by multiple winners. All set prizes and Power Play prizes, including Match 5+0 prize, may be reduced if claims exceed available prize fund. Should total cash prize exceed the cash prize fund available, it may be necessary for the Lottery to pay cash prizes on a pari-mutuel basis (each winner will receive an equal share of the prize pool.) See the complete set of POWERBALL rules at the West Virginia Lottery office.

  • Pick up a PowerBall Jackpot play slip at your favorite West Virginia Lottery Retailer.
  • Each slip has 5 play panels (A-E). You may play up to 5 POWERBALL plays on each slip. Each play costs $2.00. Tickets must be purchased by 9:59 p.m., ET, every Wednesday and Saturday. Begin with Panel A. In the top section, mark 5 different boxes from 1 and 69. (Please DO NOT use red ink.)
  • In the bottom section mark one box from 1 to 26 representing your POWERBALL number.
  • You may have the computer randomly select your numbers for you by marking the "Easy Pick" box. You may play your number selections for more than one drawing. Mark the appropriate "Multi-Draw" box for 2, 4, 8, 10, 12 or 24 consecutive drawings.


  • This option increases your prize by 2 to 10 times! (This excludes the Grand Prize which remains the same and the Match 5 prize which DOUBLES). POWERPLAY costs an additional $1 per POWERBALL play. Mark the POWERPLAY box on your play slip to select this option for ALL plays on your play slip.
  • Hand your marked play slip to the store clerk and you will receive a ticket with your POWERBALL numbers on it.

Watch the powerball drawing on your local television station or check here on our site the following day to see if you've won!

Are you a winner?
August 12, 2017
20 24 26 35 49 19
Powerplay 2ppx
August 9, 2017
12 30 36 47 62 9
Powerplay 4ppx
August 5, 2017
11 21 28 33 45 11
Powerplay 2ppx
August 2, 2017
1 16 54 63 69 18
Powerplay 3ppx
July 29, 2017
1 28 40 45 48 12
Powerplay 2ppx

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